Asa Development Union

A Thriving Cultural and Economic Hub in Southeastern Nigeria

We are building a thriving cultural and economic hub, fostering unity and prosperity for our community’s future.

A Proud History of Agriculture, Fishing, and Hunting

The Asa community is a vibrant and diverse community with a rich history and culture. The people of Asa are known for their hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. The community is home to a number of businesses and industries, and it is a major economic driver in the region.


The Asa people have a long and proud history dating back centuries. The community was originally located in the Imo River Valley, but it was forced to relocate due to conflict with neighboring tribes.

Natural Resources

The Asa community is home to many natural resources, including crude oil, farm produce, and timber. The production of these resources plays a major role in the economy of the community and the region.


The Asa community is committed to providing its children with a quality education. The community has several schools, including primary schools, secondary schools, and community colleges.


The Asa people have a rich culture that is influenced by their Igbo heritage. The community celebrates several traditional festivals throughout the year, including the Asa New Yam Festival and the Asa Masquerade Festival.


The Asa community is a dynamic and growing community with a bright future. The community is home to several talented and ambitious people, and they are working to make the Asa community a better place for everyone.

Our Mission

Medical Health Mission

In 2009, Asa Develpment Union had a medical health fair mission in Asa, Ukwa West Local government area of Abia state, Nigeria. During this time, about 500 needy people recieved free medical care from the program.

The exercise, which included diagnosis and administration of drugs and donations of some medical equipment worth over a one and half million naira, targeted attending and treating up to 5000 people and referring serious cases to hospitals for further attention.

Speaking on the exercise, then chairman of Ukwa West council, Chief Sylvernus Nwaji who was represented by his deputy, Mr. Herbert Sunday, commended the sponsors, describing it as good gesture. The chairman called on other Ukwa and Asa people abroad to follow suit by considering other areas in which to assist the people since government alone cannot do everything. He urged all Asa indigenes to come home and explore areas they could contribute towards the development of the area and the state in general.The leader of the Asa indigenes from the USA, Dr. Anthony Kalu said they embarked on the free medical service to alleviate the suffering of the people and contribute their quota to the development of the community

Haiti Earthquake Support

Asa Development Union supported and contributed financial resources towards the Haiti earthquake relief through the American Red Cross..


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