Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower the Asa community to achieve sustainable development through education, healthcare, and economic development.
We are a 501c organization dedicated to creating positive and lasting change in the lives of Asa residents. Through our unwavering commitment to providing access to quality education, ensuring access to essential healthcare services, and fostering economic growth, we strive to uplift and transform the Asa community. Together, we believe in building a brighter, healthier, and more prosperous future for all.
The organization’s goals are to:

  1. Enhancing educational standards and infrastructure within the Asa community.
  2. Elevating healthcare standards within the Asa Community.
  3. Facilitating and advancing economic growth initiatives and enlightenment within Asa Community.
  4. Championing the adoption of sustainable development practices within the Asa Community.
  5. Advocating for equitable treatment and representation of the Asa Community within government affairs.
    The Asa Development Union USA has implemented several programs and initiatives to achieve its goals. These include:
    • A scholarship program to help Asa students attend high school and college.
    • A healthcare initiative (medical missions) to provide free or low-cost medical care to Asa residents.
    • A vocational training program to provide Asa youth with the skills they need to find employment.
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Our Vision

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